Passion Life Wellness

Heal your life!


Workshops are now done privately and at your convenience. $25 each or $5 discount (each) on 2+ workshops. The following are available:  

                   Balance Your pH                              48-hour Cleanse
                   Blood Type Plan                               Fight Disease with Alkaline Foods
                   Clean Eating Made Easy                    Going Gluten Free Easily
                   Paleo Plan                                       Juicing for Health        
                   Delete the Wheat                             ReCREATE Your Life                
                   Meditation                                       Stress Less
                   Sugar Shock

Meditation Classes are also scheduled at your convenience. $10 each 45 minute session or purchase 4 meditation classes for $35. 

Call 607-398-4052 to register. 

We accept checks, money orders, credit/debit cards, and payments through PayPal.